Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday is Spa Day!

What some kids call a ‘baby pool’ I get to call a ‘spa’! It’s free, it’s wet, and it feels good. What I don’t like about our garden spa are the slippery sides that won’t let me get a grip and hoist myself over the edge, and believe me, I’ve tried. Those occasional rocks placed in the pool are sometimes helpful for leverage but I think she is on to my scheme, and only uses the low, flat stones. Another spa feature is the “Turtle Waxing” – for real! I pretend I don’t really enjoy the creamy, waxy emollients that she rubs into my shell and over my scutes. That’s right – scutes. Look it up. She even goes all the way and gives me leg and arm massages with the goo. I think she likes the way my shell shines afterward. Once, when she didn’t know I was watching, I caught her rubbing my turtle wax goo on her human hands! Talk about strange.


  1. Looks like Hank may want to "scute" right out of the Spa and down the street into the Bay!

  2. I would do just that if she would only let me out of the tank today. It looks so nice out and she's busy upstairs. Today I am Hank the Tank!