Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Have Friends

Believe it or not, I have friends. They may come and go, just like human friends, but I enjoy a little variation from time to time. Visitors are not frequent but they are always curious, very curious about the fella in the tank. Inevitably, I get pulled out of my turtle self-hypnosis session and dried off with a towel while the humans wait for a little song and dance to begin. When the weather is nice and the door is open, I have the option of hanging inside or outside. Not a bad life for this turtle. Outside is a wooden deck with obstacles like chair legs and tables but they also provide good shade when I need to cool off. I do get exhausted easily. I try to behave and stay on the deck but occasionally I am lured by fresh mown lawns and I make a dash for it! One fine beach day, my friends Kody (the Golden) and Tuttles (the rescued box turtle) had a good time romping on the lawn as the sun started to set. I think Kody could tolerate hanging out with any type of critter. My mama sent Tuttles to live at Sue and Kody’s lake in the Pennsyltucky countryside, where she seemed to thrive, since other little Tuttles’s were soon seen on the property.

Friends Tuttles and Kody

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