Monday, June 13, 2011

I Wasn't Always a Looker

When I was brought back to The Shore in 2008, I was tossed in a fishing bucket and hauled off along with my tank and its fixings, headed to the home of my new temporary turtle mama. At first she handled me like I was a Big Mac and had no experience with my kind. She may have been afraid to hold me but she got over that quickly. After looking around my new digs, I noticed there were no other pets so naturally I became concerned for my welfare. There are people that actually enjoy turtle soup and I prayed she wasn't one of them. Turns out she wasn't. She had the tank set up, cleaned, filled with fresh water and in a good spot (with a view) near the door and right off the bat, she slaps on rubber gloves and used a dish sponge to gently scrub my back and remove the algae crusted on my shell. Boy that felt good. Damn good. How did she know I would enjoy that? I knew right then we were going to get along just fine. But it took some time before she was able to get my shell smooth and shiny. But hey, I'm not complaining... it wasn't like I was being abused, I just wasn't being pampered. Pampered enough to live life lavishly. Ugh, look at me. Looking a little rough around the edges. Boy, do I need a spa day!

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