Sunday, July 10, 2011


Today I was nabbed by a neighbor! Relaxing in my pool in the garden, turtle mama sipping coffee and enjoying breakfast on the deck, and our next door neighbor walks right over to my pool and takes me for a walk in unknown territory. No reaction from mama so I assumed it was safe hanging with my new friend. After a few minutes, mama pops over the fence and asks the neighbor to put me back in the pool when he is finished playing with me. Well, he did no such thing. He went back inside and let me free! I had a few minutes to dig into the deep ivy before mama started yelling for neighbor guy and banging on his door. He told her that he put me back in the pool and I must have escaped but she was watching the whole time, so she called him a liar. Oddly enough, he knew exactly where to look for me in the ivy thicket. Turtle mama rescued me and brought me back to home territory but I could tell she was pretty bothered by the whole thing. I wasn't – I got to explore new ground and feel a little excitement in my day.


  1. "I AM UNSTOPPABLE!!!!" (Next task: download an MF Foto)

  2. I will Do lunch. I will not be UNDONE by lunch. Have Gun/Will Travel. Have Cellphone/Will Call.