Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Slams My Town

Message from American Tortoise Rescue:
Turtles need help, too. If you find a turtle or tortoise after the horrible East Coast storm, first soak in tepid fresh water for 30 minutes (changing the water a few times) as it may have ingested salt water from the ocean. That can kill it. Dry it off, and put it in a box with air holes in a quiet place with a lid. It probably will not want to eat because of the stress, and that is OK. It also may try to bite so keep fingers away from the mouth parts. Keep away from dogs and children. Send us an email at with a photo attached, and we will try to ID it and help you. Do not throw it back in the water. Thanks from American Tortoise Rescue. For more information, visit: American Tortoise Rescue


  1. Henry, I hope your turtle sugar mama didn't melt with all of Sandy's water. Thanks for the American Tortoise Rescue notice.

  2. A good advice. Let us now if many are rescued.