Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Share

When it comes to chow time, I'll share with anyone who is hungry. Because I'm slow, that's why. (...and because I'm generous... and because it's the cat's food anyway...)

*Note this photo was "borrowed" from the web and is not Henry.


  1. so cute! looks like apple jacks!

  2. Cat food is the worst food you can offer a tortoise. That's why it is pyramided. Please get some info on the web on how to feed a Redfoot tortoise properly.

  3. Pyramiding is very unhealthy for him. Tortoises need a good protein source, you have to be careful to not feed too much. Their digestive system can't handle that dry cat food, please don't let him eat that anymore.

    I know you want the best for him, I'm only posting to be helpful.

    1. Hi Anon, and thanks for the info about dry food. Remember, I live lavishly and get served healthy tortoise food, dried shrimp cocktail and often some gourmet tossed salad! This photo was borrowed from someone on the interwebs.