Monday, March 19, 2012

Poor Pinky

Pinky, a rare albino snapping turtle - who suffered malnutrition in his earlier years and now sports an oddly developed shell - is pictured at her home in the Clinch Park Zoo in Traverse City, Michigan


  1. Oh Henry (!) Clinch Park Zoo has been closed for several years - I don't know where Pinky went. I know this because I used to live there and much family still does. I visited there last fall - no Zoo. Actually it was not a very nice location and there became too many people and not enough room for the animals. Hope Pinky is happy. You like a Turtle Quilt? See one at the link!

  2. Sad thing when a zoo closes. Where do the animals go? I'm hoping Pinky found a new home. Mama loved the turtle quilt. Beautiful hand work!

  3. first thought: Aunt Helen (again!)